We are a tattoo studio staffed by all female artists

with a focus on personal energy and collaborative creation.

The act of tattooing is hallowed, and when the artist and client alike treat it that way, the tattoo becomes a reminder of the greatness one finds during this journey. We access the spark that animates us through sacred modification of the exterior.


i walk towards pain


until i see

how colorful i can be

and i am not afraid


not to properly mark the past

is to wander history a nomad

in the crossing

charon offers

a relinquishing

of  body



and can it be beautiful?

and can it be beautiful?

and can it be beautiful?



they say kharon was ugly

grotesque and repulsive

such is grieving

and yet with him




you are the river

you are the boat

you are the ferryman

you are the destination


charon knows all that she can know

while still knowing nothing


only you can look inside

to where you have been

where you have travelled

and where you have arrived.

by Lena Sclove and Leah Caldieri

Located at 107 Avenue A, 2nd Floor, Turners Falls MA   

Phone  413-676-9146