Adriana Malliarou

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Born and raised in Boston, Adriana Malliaros (pronounced ahh-dree-AH-nah mall-YAH-roo) has always been drawn to creative expression. She relocated to western Mass to train in printmaking and typography at Smith College to support her lifelong vision of becoming a tattoo artist. She was instantly enamored by the art of tattooing after covertly getting her first ink at age fifteen. In her work, Adriana is focused on building imagery that this significant and timeless to the individual. While working she is an expert at a cultivating a therapeutic, safe space in which people receive permanent markings.


As a modern tattooist, Adriana  urges clients to consider the physical and spiritual aspects of the tattoo. As mainstream tattooing has become prolific in our culture, she invites clients to reflect on the rich history of the process. While tattooing, she guides the ink into the dermis with collective breathwork. The physical pain is honored, released:  the parting particles replaced with positivity. Adriana believes the tattoo is a rite of passage. In healing, there is a new stitching together and fusion of the layers of the skin, leaving a work of art embodied on you. Adriana looks forward to collaborating with you to create an image from her heart throat to yours. One that will resonate from her hand into your being for all the moons to come.


Adriana currently works by appointment at Charon Arts Visionary Tattoo in Turners Falls, Western Mass and Boston Tattoo Company, Eastern Mass.  She currently meanders back and forth to take care of family and clients in both sides of the state. Please visit her Instagram for current works and website for further contact.

Located at 49 Main St. Williamsburg MA 01096  

Phone  413-863-4465