Sky Kirkland

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Growing up, my grandparents worked at an art supply company, so from as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with drawing and creating. Being a tattoo artist has been my dream job for years. I want to be a tattoo artist because I want to help people.  When you get a tattoo you don’t just leave with the art, you leave with the whole experience and hold it with you forever. I want to be able to provide the best possible experience for each individual person so they can always look down at their artwork and remember a positive time in their life and hopefully give them an extra boost to make it through, because I know they can.  


My drawing style is mainly focused around blackwork including dot and linework with a touch of traditional style, but I am very willing to work with other drawing styles and expand my skills. Grace Neutral and Hannah Snowdon are two of my biggest inspirations when it comes to tattooing. They’ve made a big impact on the industry being women and really embrace individual beauty and ideas which is something I also want to be able to do through my work. I am constantly expanding my skills and I look forward to continuing the process as a tattoo artist!

I am an apprentice at Charon Art and can design tattoos for clients but am not yet doing the tattoos. 

Located at 49 Main St. Williamsburg MA 01096  

Phone  413-863-4465