Covid-19 Concerns: 

We are striving to make this space safe for everyone.  

  • We ask that everyone wear a mask while inside the studio

  • Please be prepared to have your temperature taken with a no touch thermometer

  • Please sanitize your hands upon arrival

  • We will ask everyone to fill out a waiver specific to Covid (please see below). 

          We will provide hand sanitizer and have an emergency supply of masks, but please bring your own!

For tattooing:

If you contract Covid-19 and contact me ahead of time, I will hold your deposit and we can reschedule at a safe time. 

If you show up on the day of the appointment and show signs of illness or a temperature over 100 degrees F, I will not tattoo you and your deposit will be forfeit. 

This page will be continuously updated as information becomes available! 

COVID-19 Waiver



I, ______________________________________________________, 

hereby state that, to my knowledge, I have not been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days, and am not contagious.


 I have discussed with my artist the results of any COVID-19 Testing that I have undergone.


 I will abide by COVID-19 related mandatory regulations set out by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


I agree to have my temperature taken at the time of my appointment, and will reschedule if the temperature reading is over 100°F. 


I understand that due to COVID-19  there will only be one artist and one client allowed the tattooing space. Any person who accompanies me will wait in designated areas. 


I understand that a face mask will be worn at all times by both client and artist during the tattoo. 


I agree to wash my hands upon arrival and after breaks. 




Print name:




Located in the Colonial Shoppes at 49 Main St. Williamsburg MA 01096

Phone  413-863-4465