Sundays/Mondays by appointment



How do I book?

My books are usually always open. Once you fill out the form on the website I will be in touch with you within a week-week and a half about setting up an appointment. Tattooing is not my only job so often it can take a bit. I appreciate the patience and your eagerness to work with me!

After we set up the appointment I will take a deposit that will hold your place which will be deducted from the total on the day of your tattoo. In case of a no show, or a cancellation more than two weeks out it will be forfeit, but hopefully that doesn’t happen! If you’re sick or have an emergency and need to reschedule the deposit will roll over to the new appointment.

If your tattoo is a custom tattoo, I will send a drawing to you a day or two before the date of the appointment, unless we have set something else up. There will always be space at the time of your appointment to adjust size and make small alterations to the design.

How much will it cost?

I price things either at a flat rate or by the hour, depending on the piece. Hourly I charge $90-120 per hour sliding scale and leave up to your discretion to gauge where you fall on that range. I will always give you an estimate before the appointment based on the size and placement and am happy to work within a budget.

What sorts of designs do you like tattooing? 

Currently I work only in black. I enjoy a wide variety of imagery but am most at home with creatures, natural forms, landscapes and scenes, woodcut style images and tattoos that will allow me to experiment. I welcome a wide variety of ideas and will let you know if I think it is something I can do well. Things that I'm not good at are: geometric patterns, realism. 

Any other questions? Email

Located at 49 Main St. Williamsburg MA 01096  

Phone  413-863-4465