Mackenzie Creedon

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I am taking maternity leave in mid July and am fully booked until then. If you wish to get put on a wait list for when I return from maternity leave, please feel free to reach out to me via email so I can place you on the list. I am not sure when I will be returning from leave but it should be sometime in 2019 in the winter. Thanks for your understanding!


As an artist at Charon Art, I value collaboration and openness in the work I share with the client. I'll work with you through every step of the design process to make the design a true collaboration between us both. I strive to be trustworthy and fun in my space, and always will provide a safe space for everyone who enters the shop.   

I’ve been drawing for as long as I could pick up a crayon and continue to draw everyday now that I am a licensed tattoo artist.  I enjoy working with nature inspired designs in an illustrative style, using realistic properties and bold lines. I also love aesthetically symmetrical images and always use high contrast in my black and grey or color work.  In every tattoo, I'll aim to find a combination of flow and form that fits the body and won't cease until it is perfect! 


Whether it is your first tattoo, or your hundredth, I would love to work with you.


Tuesday- 11-7

Thursday- 11-4:30

Friday- 11-7

Saturday- 11-7

Sunday is my day to draw. I will tattoo on this day if no other days work.


*Minimum deposit-


For a small tattoo (takes less than an hour to complete)- $30

For a medium tattoo (takes 1-3 hours) - $60

For a large tattoo (takes 4+ hours) - $100

For a full day tattoo (takes 8+ hours)- $200

*you are welcome to put as much down for a deposit as you wish*


*Paying with a card costs more than cash. There’s a fee to use the square reader. Keep this in mind.*


PayPal- (send as friends not goods and services)

Venmo- @Mackenzie-Creedon


*Process after the appointment is set and deposit is received*


My design process is done on an iPad and can be altered very easily before and during the appointment. The tattooing itself is mainly done by stenciling the design but I also do a bit of freehand work depending on the 

design and the placement. This will be discussed beforehand.


The first image you receive will be a rough sketch or a semi-finished drawing to make sure the design I am creating is going in the right direction. It will be followed with any questions I may have. I typically send the rough design to the email, but if you wish to send images via texting, relay the phone number to me for faster communication.


I may request images of the area to be tattooed to see how the design interacts with pre-existing tattoos and the musculature of the body area to be tattooed. I can place the design on the image of the body part per request.


I typically start designing the tattoo and relaying images one week to a few days before the appointment.

Located at 49 Main St. Williamsburg MA 01096  

Phone  413-863-4465